Vegobox is a monthly subscription box focused on making it possible for anyone in Europe to discover and enjoy vegan products – so if your local range of vegan products is limited, or if you are simply looking to discover new exciting vegan goodies – Vegobox is the perfect box for you.

The idea for Vegobox (Vego = Vegan in Swedish) came to us in 2014 while on a weekend trip to Berlin. We were so impressed by how large the vegan product range was there compared to where we lived in Sweden, and knew we had to figure out a way to get all these amazing products back home.

Over the years, my partner Nathan and I have traveled to every country in Europe (yes, we’re also passionate travelers!), and found that most cities also suffer from a very limited range of vegan products. If only finding vegan products could be as easy anywhere in Europe as it was for us while in Berlin – Vegobox was the answer, and we are excited for you to join us!

Sofia von Porat, Vegobox co-founder.


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