Cauliflower the new kale?

A few years ago the kale trend exploaded, and the green vegetable has been very popular for longer than many of us anticipated. Many have speculated around what the next big vegetable trend will be, or “the new kale” as they say. Today kale is still very popular, but according to Bloomberg Business Week a new vegetable is taking over the spotlight in the states.

We’re talking about cauliflower, a vegetable that previously has had a reputation for being quite bland. Now, however, this has worked in favour of the cauliflower, as its bland flavour makes it so versatile and fit in many trendy diets: low carb, gluten free, healthy eating and vegan diets.

“It’s similar to what we saw with kale a few years ago,” says Erik Brown, global produce buyer for Whole Foods.

Food trends are often far from practical. A lot of the superfood is grown far away which makes them very expensive. Cauliflower on the other hand is cheap and can grow even in our colder climates.

One of the most popular dishes is cauliflower buffalo wings, and here is a video to show you how to do it!

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