Quorn gets official Vegan certification

Quorn is UK’s biggest meatless brand, and one of the biggest meatless brands across all of Europe. For a long time they had only ovo-vegetarian dishes, but a while ago they finally changed some of their recipes to make them completely vegan.

Now they will clearly label all of its vegan products, ad they received vegan certification from animal-rights organization The Vegan Society for all of its plant-based products. The new vegan trademark logo will serve to help consumers distinguish Quorn’s vegan products (such as nuggets, burgers, and fish fillets) from those that contain eggs.

“Quorn’s newly-registered vegan products are already being enjoyed by vegans in the UK and abroad, and by clearly labelling them the company makes sure it is widely known that its products are suitable for everyone,” The Vegan Society’s chief executive George Gill said.

“Providing vegan options makes clear commercial sense for businesses, which can open up their market to a fast growing number of vegans worldwide.”

Quorn’s head of marketing Alex Glen said that the brand’s vegan products are performing well and new plant-based items are currently under development. The new Vegan Society certification label will appear on all vegan Quorn products later this year.

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