Vegan restaurants in Prague

Prague is a surprising city in many ways, and in the past few years more and more vegan restaurants are opening up all over the city, making it a great destination for all vegan foodies.

Here are some great budget friendly vegan restaurants in Prague that we highly recommend…

Lehká hlava

A lovely restaurant in fairy tale like atmosphere and creative interior with an open fireplace that looks like a mushroom, and small glimmering lights in the roof that resembles stars in a night sky.

The restaurant offers some great lunch deals (108 CZK), but make sure to be there early or book ahead as it’s very popular. 

Address: Boršov 280/2
Open: mon-fri 11:30-23:30, lat-sun 12-23:30


If you’re looking for huge portions for a cheap buck, this is the place. The non-profit Hare Krishna restaurant serves gigantic plates of food for only 90 CZK.

They don’t have a menu but instead serve a meal of the day. The restaurant isn’t very central, but if you’re adventurous and want to see more than just the city center this is a place we recommend.

Address: Orlická 2176/9
Open: mon-fri 11:00 – 20:00


Maitrea is a newer larger sister restaurant to Lehká hlava and has an exciting menu with many vegan dishes and a good value for money (150 CZK for a main course).

The restaurant is cozy and beautifully decorated, and many people like to sit for quite a long time to rest their feet between the sightseeing.

Address: Týnská ulička 1064/6
Opeb: mon-fri 11:30 to 23:30 sat-sun 12:00-23:30


A vegan restaurant that opened in 2014, serving a combination of rawfood and cooked meals. You can buy breakfast in the weekdays and brunch on Saturdays. The menu ususally consists of sandwiches, wraps chiapudding, raw pizza and similar. Their desserts are amazing!

Address: Vinohradská 2030/44
Open: mon-fri 7:30-19, sat 10-16

Sweet Secret of Raw

Talking about raw desserts, this place specialize in them! Amazing raw cakes that take rawfood to a completely new level. Some of them contain honey, so it’s best to ask first which ones are vegan.

Address: Rumunská 25
Open: Mon-fri 8-21 sat-sun 10-21

Dhaba Beas

Dhaba Beas is an Indian restaurant food chain serving vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Their diners differ in concept, at some places you pay by weight, in others you order from a menu. They’re great places for lunch.

Address: Bělehradská 90, Týnská 19, Sokolovská 93, Na Pankráci, Vladislavova 24.
Open:  09 – 21 on weekdays and 12-20 on Saturday and  12-18 on Sunday


Moment is yet another café where you can buy vegan cakes and pastries, these however are not raw or health focused but more about showing the possibilities of vegan food. Plus, their vegan chai latte is to die for!

Address: Slezske 62
Open: Daily between 9–21


At the centrally located LoVeg you can order veganized versions of traditional Czech food, and enjoy it at their small balcony with amazing views. You can for example try a vegan verison of Svíčková med houskové knedlíky (bread dumplings).

Address: Nerudova 221/36, 118 00
Open: daily between 11.30–22

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is an international vegan restaurant chain with restaurants all over the world. If you like Asian food (especially Chinese) this is a safe choice.

Address: 20 Truhlářská, London 35, Plzeňská 8, Radlická 117.
Open: 11-21


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